Lounge – Street Food

Lounge - Street Food

  • Tacos & Buns

    Soft-corn tortillas, with a perfect blend of paired local sauces and perfectly soft steamed buns and combine it with premium kiwi ingredients

  • Cauliflower tacos GF | DF | VEGAN

    • $ 19

    Three tempura cauliflower tacos: raisins chutney, shredded cabbage, fresh chilli toasted sesame on a soft-shell

  • Calamari buns

    • $ 20

    Tenderised chili crumbed Calamari, with saffron aioli, fresh chilli served in a soft charcoal bun

  • Pizza

    We make our 30cm (12inch) pizza dough from scratch using Le Cinque Stagioni “00” flour from Naples. We create our sauce using san marzano tomatoes from Parma, and use Granarolo buffalo mozzarella, housemade ricotta, Central Otago chorizo, and southern Italian style Calabrese salami. The key to an authentic Pizza is following Italian tradition by using top quality ingredients and the traditional preparation and cooking method: The pizza must be very thin in the middle with a crust that is airy and fluffy. No tools are to be used to stretch the dough except the pizzaiolo’s hands. Lastly, the pizza is be cooked in an oven at 450-485°C for no longer than 90 seconds

  • Classic Margherita pizza | VG

    • $ 25

    San Marzano, buffalo mozzarella, basil

  • Calabrese pizza

    • $ 28

    San Marzano, Calabrese salami, Central Otago chorizo, roasted peppers,
    buffalo mozzarella

  • Chef’s Pizza of the week

    • $ 25

    Our weekly creation with fresh, authentic ingredients

  • Snacks

  • Potato & chorizo croquette

    • $ 16

    NZ Chorizo, Manchego cheese, paprika mayo

  • Mediterranean meat balls

    • $ 18

    Smoked pepper sauce, aged Italian Parmesan, basil

  • Kumara fries GF | DF | VEGAN

    • $ 12

    Tamarind dressing, coriander, toasted sesame

  • Feta & dill fries GF | VG

    • $ 12

    Dried grated feta, NZ sea salt, aioli

  • For Sharing

    The perfect accompaniment for your cocktail hour, or tasting the best wines New Zealand has to offer  

  • Breads and dips board

    • $ 20
  • Cold cuts board

    • $ 30
  • Vegetarian board

    • $ 25
  • New Zealand Cheese

    • 60g $ 28
    • 120g $ 34

    From Over the Moon Cheesery
    Served with Clyde honey comb, sesame crackers and seasonal chutney

    Windsor Blue
    Silver Medal outstanding NZ Food producers’ awards 2019. 10 trophies, 12 Gold medals, NZ Champions of Cheese awards
    A creamy blue with a soft buttery texture and a silky-smooth mouth feel. It has a unique blue culture that dissects the rich curd and combines to produce a delicate flavour that intensifies with ageing.
    Wine match: Port wine, oaked Chardonnay, melon-tropical-citrus Chardonnay

    O.m.G Triple creamy brie
    Silver Medal, NZ Champions of Cheese Awards 2019. Voluptuous and creamy, this decadent
    Brie is our most popular cheese. Soft and rich, the OMG Triple Cream Brie has a luscious buttery flavour.
    Wine match: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris or Champagne

    Galactic Gold
    Category Trophy and Gold Medal, NZ Champions of Cheese Awards 2019 A show stopper with a vibrant orange rind and piquant flavour. As this cheese matures the paste changes from soft to creamy and melting and the aroma intensifies.
    Wine match: Pinot Gris, late harvest Riesling, or Pinot Noir